Our Boilerplate

It’s simple!… We’re here for the businesses with big dreams.

We are The Viney Group — a boutique marketing consulting firm that supports businesses of every size. From concept to fulfillment, we design, manage, produce, deliver and accomplish your goals.

However, we have a “thing” for small businesses.

We build brands for startups. We manage marketing for business owners who don’t have full-time marketing employees. We work for M/WBEs that want a seat at the table for big contracts. We design for the mom-and-pop shops that are getting overshadowed by the new franchise on the block. We strategize with former-corporate-laborers-turned-entrepreneurs who are determined to succeed in business by any means. Why? Because we believe you deserve the same recognition as the big players.

OUR Team


The Viney Group is a team of creative professionals who care about the success of your business. Our team of strategic partners bring a diverse set of skills and experience to any marketing-related project.

Ivy Julease Newman

Ivy Julease Newman

President / Creative Director

As the founder and President of The Viney Group, Ivy Julease concentrates on strategically working with executives and business owners on how to structure and creatively implement the right marketing plan to increase business. Since 2011, she has managed projects for dozens of institutions to deliver profitable results. She is a graduate of Oberlin College and holds a masters degree from Columbia University. Read Ivy’s full bio.

David Hughey

David Hughey

Director of Business Development

As Director of Business Development, David is adept at identifying and developing key relationships, in addition to enhancing our clients’ experience. With more than 10 years of client relations experience, David has held various sales roles at Godiva, Armani, and TJXCompanies. David is a graduate of Oberlin College, and attended George Mason University for his post-graduate degree.

Kayan Carmo

Kayan Carmo

Web Developer

Kayan serves as Viney’s web developer, with skills that cover many aspects of web design, app development and technical knowledge. With a strong background in programming, UX design, technology, and process improvement, Kayan’s insights and skills serve as a vital resource for the company’s web-based services.  Currently, he studies engineering abroad at Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia in Brazil.

Kimberly Williams

Kimberly Williams

Senior Editor

Kimberly Williams is our chief-writer-in-residence and has more than a decade of practical experience writing for corporations, non-profits and small businesses. From marketing copy to technical writing and blog posts, Kimberly focuses on our clients’ needs to communicate messages across various media platforms.  She holds a MBA from Mercer University and B.S. from North Carolina State University.

Our Process



Tell us about your marketing needs, objectives and parameters.


Let us provide you with a proposal and quote for your next marketing project.


Together we can build a marketing strategy that is customized for your business.


Bring your business to the attention of patrons using any of our unique marketing vehicles.