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NYC Service: NYC Nonprofit Board Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

NYC government agency partners with Viney Group to assess nonprofit board diversity, equity, and inclusion.



The Viney Group worked in conjunction with NYC Service and key partners (Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of NY, Council for Urban Professionals, Center for Bronx Nonprofits, and the NYC Nonprofit Board Development Coalition) to lead eight focus groups of nonprofit Executive Directors and board officers and provide a qualitative analysis that reports on board diversity, equity, and inclusion.


The Viney Group conducted focus groups over three months to uncover experiences, attitudes, and reactions of 38 individuals representing XX nonprofits on the topic of board diversity in NYC.


The qualitative findings from the focus group will be utilized in a comprehensive report for the NYC Nonprofit Board Development Coalition that will be issued in January 2018. Utilizing the data reported, stakeholders will strategize ways to help break barriers to diversifying boards and fill potential gaps in resources.

Project Details

Client: NYC Service
Date:  2017-2018
Services: Research – Focus Groups

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