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The Imena Collective

Cosmotolegy collective partnered with Viney to launches its women-of-color hair venture

When the owner of Imena Salon had a vision of starting a collective to provide support services for entrepreneurs in the natural hair industry, she came to the Viney Group for branding services. The initial phase of the project was the creation of a brand and consumer brochure that would be distributed to prospectives at sales presentations.  We created a narrative around the Collective’s mission while providing informative content that explained the costs and benefits of membership. With a new focus on the B2B natural hair market, we were able to help Imena redefine its perception and position in the marketplace.

Project Details

Client: Imena, Inc.
Location: New York, NY
Date:  Spring 2015
+ Market Research
+ Content Creation
+ Graphic Design
+ Copywriting
+ Print Production

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