marketing for social change and civic engagement

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social marketing ≠ social media marketing

Social Marketing is not to be confused with social media marketing. Social Marketing is the application of marketing principles and practices to foster social change and civic engagement. At Viney, we work with individuals, nonprofits, businesses and government agencies across all sectors to understand people and respond to their needs.

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“It is a challenge to find a small and accessible agency that can provide such excellent work and consultation across all media. Viney delivers without the shadowy bureaucracy of a large agency.”

– Barri R.  |   Director of Marketing, Columbia University


“The Viney Group has thoroughly understood our unique business needs and provided the seamless support required to meet our marketing objectives.”

– Alexandra A. | Senior Marketing Manager, TechCrunch


“It is a joy to work with the Viney Group. They are professional, detailed, and have helped expand our brand presence throughout bilingual communities in NYC.”

– Christina M. | The New 42nd Street